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Zombicide 2nd Edition Rio Z Janeiro Expansion

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It’s Carnaval! And there’s no better place to enjoy the famous Brazilian holiday than Rio de Janeiro. Every year, millions of people from all around the world come to the famous city to enjoy the sunny beaches, lively samba, delicious food, and all the beautiful scenery Rio has to offer, from the top of Cristo Redentor all the way down to the famous Copacabana sidewalks.  Rio Z Janeiro is a new campaign expansion for Zombicide: 2nd Edition, featuring 6 new Survivors and a brand-new set of Carnaval-themed Zombies coming directly from the samba parades! Set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the story unfolds through 10 missions, as new challenges and opportunities arise with each choice players make. Fight your way through the favelas, make crucial choices using Objective Cards, explore new game mechanics while searching for the one person that could have answers to all your questions, and prove that Rio de Janeiro will stay beautiful, even during the zombie apocalypse. 

6 new Survivors and 6 Carnaval-themed zombies, each represented on the table with a highly-detailed miniature figure.

A new campaign story set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Throughout 10 missions, Survivors will explore new areas (Maracanã Stadium, Copacabana beach, Favela da Rocinha), meet and rescue new characters, and gather different achievements while searching for a possible cure for the zombie outbreak. 

New Survivors Skills and game mechanics such as narrow passages that limit movement and allow for zombie pulls, the Wound deck, surprise zombie spawns, and thin walls that can be broken to open up new passages on the board. 

A Campaign expansion for Zombicide: 2nd Edition. Rio Z Janeiro is part of the same product line as Washington Z.C. and Fort Hendrix.



  • Players: 1-6
  • Age: 14+
  • Playtime: 60-120 Minutes