Zombies are invading the wild west !

Zombies are invading the wild west !

Zombicide was released in 2012 by the French publisher Guillotine Games. At the time, it was well received by board gamers and became a popular cooperative game that blended elements of strategy, luck, and storytelling. Its success helped to popularize the "survival-horror" genre within the board game industry and inspired numerous imitators and sequels. Zombicide's success also demonstrated the potential for crowdfunding and Kickstarter as a viable means of financing and producing board games, which has since become a common practice in the industry.

The new Zombicide: Undead or Alive brings the wild west into the zombicide franchise by introducing a new setting, characters, and gameplay mechanics inspired by the classic western genre. The game takes place in far west, where players take on the role of survivors fighting against the zombie hordes.

One of the main features of Zombicide: Undead or Alive is the introduction of new elements like balconies, that provide a safe space to shoot down on the hordes. The survivors also have access to a variety of western-style weapons, including revolvers, shotguns, and rifles, which they can use to defend themselves and complete missions.

Another new addition to the Zombicide franchise is the introduction of horseback riding through the expansion running wild which allows players to quickly move around the board and escape from dangerous situations. Players can also use their horses to transport valuable items and complete missions more efficiently.

In addition to these new gameplay mechanics, Zombicide: Undead or Alive also introduces new objectives and challenges, such as bandits stealing supplies and townsfolk in need of rescue. With its unique blend of western-themed action and survival horror, Zombicide: Undead or Alive provides a fresh and exciting addition to the Zombicide franchise.

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