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Welcome to Your Perfect Home Édition Collector (ML)

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Everything Welcome in one box!

Welcome is a game where everyone plays at the same time with the same draw of cards. It will then be a question of each person cleverly combining the house numbers that appear and the actions associated with them in order to become the greatest architect of tomorrow!

The famous flip & write returns in a Collector's Edition offering the entire Welcome to your Perfect Home range: all the expansions already released, plus 3 new expansions, a solo mode for each version, 35 Objective cards and 3 new Work cards, all this with markers and erasable cards.

This Collector's Edition also contains 6 versions of the classic sheet revisited by world-renowned artists: Vincent Dutrait, Beth Sobel, Weberson Santiago, Christine Alcouffe, Ryan Goldsberry and Maud Chalmel.


  • Ages: 10+

  • Players: 1-6

  • Playtime: 25 minutes