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Tragedy Looper: New Tragedies

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Travel back in time and thwart the Mastermind!

Some of you are able to travel back in time and have become the Protagonists of stories that unfold terrible tragedies. You need to discover a way to stop the tragedies from occuring, but there is a Mastermind whose sole purpose is to make sure they unfold. Can you stop the tragedies before the last loop?!

In Tragedy Looper: New Tragedies, 1-3 players are Protagonists attempting to escape a time loop engineered by one player acting as the Mastermind! The Mastermind player selects a script, either one of the 13 scripts included or one created themselves, and sets up the game accordingly. The Protagonist players don’t yet know the details of the tragic events about to unfold.  


Protagonists will uncover clues and discover more information as they go through “loops” consisting of several days each until they reach the final loop where they will have one last chance to guess the entirety of the Mastermind’s plans. If they fail, the Mastermind wins! The Tragedy Looper system creates a unique game of deduction where players begin each new loop better prepared, but the Mastermind player will know what they’ve learned and can alter their strategy accordingly.

Protagonists and the Mastermind will play cards, activate abilities, and trigger incidents to uncover (or hide!) information and move the events forward. Players will interact with different characters and build relationships with them in order to unlock and activate those characters’ helpful special abilities. Be careful though! The Mastermind is attempting to trick and mislead the Protagonists! At the end of each loop, if the Protagonists haven’t guessed correctly, they rewind all game components back to the start and try again with more information. If they don’t guess correctly on the final loop, the Mastermind wins!

The original Tragedy Looper is a modern classic with its innovative approach to deduction and storytelling. It was originally published in Japan by BakaFire with an English edition following a few years later from Z-Man Games. While the English edition only had two expansions, BakaFire continued publishing more and more content for this fantastic game.

Tragedy Looper: New Tragedies is both a new edition and a standalone sequel that brings that new content into English for the first time, collecting 13 scripts and 30 chracters!  Featuring updated graphic design and the original art design, it’s perfect for people playing Tragedy Looper for the first time and for fans of the original looking for new stories to tell. 

It’s also easier than ever to jump in, with a Game Teaching Guide for the Mastermind and a “First Steps” tragedy set for the first two scripts to help players get more comfortable with the gameplay loop! Experienced masterminds can also create their own scripts, providing a limitless amount of replayability!



  • Ages: 14+

  • Players: 2-4

  • Playing Time: 120 minutes