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Timeland - A Taluva Adventure (Multilingual)

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Welcome to Timeland, a stand-alone adventure in the land of Taluva.

A very long time ago, the goddess Atera gifted several treasures to the inhabitant tribes of Taluva, instead of living in harmony the various tribes descended into war amongst each other. After many years of war and the island’s continuous volcanic eruptions, the island of Taluva is now deserted, however the treasures remain buried on the island.

Welcome to Timeland. The objective of your group of explorers is to find the lost treasures buried on the island of Taluva.Hurry to find as much treasure as you can before a further eruption of the volcano.

As a hardened adventurer, you will create a team of explorers to go on and find « The Taluva* island ». Upon arriving you will find an uninhabited island containing 5 temples full of riches…Your aim is to find four treasures and restore the sacred tablet before the lava engulfs the last vestiges. The challenge will be not be easy. Communication between players will be limited to the restricted activation of their walkie talkies and the varying risks will occupy a significant amount of their time. One solution to win, good communication and coordination.

- A cooperative game

- 5 Temples to vary the pleasures

- 3 levels of difficulty for every player




  • Ages: 10+

  • Players: 2-4