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The Orville ECV-197-1 Shuttle

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The next model in our all-new The Orville Starships Collection is the Union Shuttle ECV-197-1 that is kept aboard of the USS Orville ship!

The Union Shuttle ECV-197-1 is one of the landing shuttles stowed aboard the Orville's shuttle bay, Shuttle-1 is used for ferrying crew to other ships or planetary surfaces. These shuttles are capable of faster than light travel, and seat six, including two pilots, plus lockers holding gear such as weapons and environment suits.

The Union Shuttle ECV-197-1 captures the simple futuristic look of the shuttlecraft. For filming exterior shots, the Union Shuttles use physical models at 3:4 scale, laser-cut from foam and coated in fiberglass. An earlier design included a clear plastic canopy... but it had to be removed, after a crane broke a hole in it.