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Tether Ball

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Perfect for backyard or beach-fun. Set up the pole, stand on either side and play for the win!
In tether ball you need to spin the ball in “your” direction, while your opponent tries to make it go in “their” direction. When one of you have gotten the line to circle all the way to your end you win!

Size Upper Pole Ø: 20mm
Size Lower Pole Ø: 25mm
Height: 150cm
3 positions from footplate:
– 124cm
– 131cm
– 138cm

– One pole
– 2 rackets
– 1 pc ball

Total length 167 cm, including 26 cm ground peg. Rackets total length 37 cm and width 18,5 cm.

Easy to stick in the ground with the foot plate
Exposure in full colour carton.


  • Age: 5+
  • Players: 2
  • Playtime: 20+