Streets of Steel: Rush 'n Scare (Clearance)

Wild Power Game

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  • A fast-paced, tactical board game that brings the action of 80’s/90’s arcade games to the tabletop.


  • Players claim victory as a team by beating The Wulfpak, Jalbreakers, Kommandroids and the big-bad, Kimmitzar!


  • An innovative “side-scrolling” mechanic physically moves the board, pressuring players to stick & move while plotting ways to destroy the baddies.


  • No two games are alike thanks to a random draft of Streets, emergent Hero combos, and chaotic dice rolls.


  • Expandable with other Streets Of Steel products like Streets Of Steel: Kickin’ Asphalt.


  • Designed by award-winning game developers Ryan Lesser (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, High Heavens) and Matt Moore (Guitar Hero, Rock Band).


  • Plastic miniatures sold separately


    - Players: 1-4