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Star Wars Legion - Crashed X-Wing Battlefied Expansion

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The faction-neutral Crashed X-wing Battlefield Expansion adds a detailed miniature, terrain pieces, and scenario skirmish maps to the Star Wars™: Legion game world that can become the strategic focus of any confrontation. When the Rebel Alliance's X-wing starfighters occasionally crash, they quickly become part of the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War and serve a new purpose, providing valuable cover for battling armies.

Includes one unpainted miniature, assembly required. Requires a base game of Star Wars: Legion to play.


  • 1 detailed, unpainted X-wing miniature
  • 4 terrain pieces
  • 1 upgrade card
  • 1 rebel pilot included
  • 3 new scenario skirmish maps



  • Age: 14 and Up
  • Players : 1 - 2
  • Duration:  1-2 Hours