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Star Trek Picard - Seven of Nine's Fensris Ranger Ship

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The most aggressively-armed fighter vessel, Seven of Nine’s Fenris Ranger Ship is brought to life in our all-new Star Trek Universe Starship Collection!

Seven of Nine’s Fenris Ranger was a small one-person starship piloted by Seven of Nine in her work among the vigilante Fenris Rangers. Vigilantes who patrolled the Qiris sector, the Fenris Rangers were forced to withdraw when the sector fell into anarchy – though thankfully, Seven of Nine stayed behind long enough to rescue La Sirena from a pirate attack.

Highly detailed die-cast model starships from the modern Star Trek TV series: Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds! Seven of Nine’s Fenris Ranger Ship is based directly on the original VFX models to guarantee extraordinary accuracy and are accompanied by a spotlight magazine.