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Star Trek Missions - A Fantasy Realms Game

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Explore new worlds, One Card at a Time!

In Star Trek: Missions, you’ll explore all the mystery and excitement of the galaxy, featuring characters, locations, and equipment in familiar groups or in strange new combinations!

Deigned by Bruce Glassco, with the same combo-building gameplay as his acclaimed game Fantasy Realms, which was nominated for the Kennerspiel Des Jahres!

Assemble a crew with anyone from Commander Riker to DaiMon Bok, grab a Bat'leth, and take on challenges like rganizing a Diplomatic Conference, or getting trapped in the Holodeck!

The combinations in each hand create a brand new episode of the Enterprise’s continuing mission!

Make the best combo to score the highest points and claim victory.

50 Galaxy Cards
24 Mission Cards
1 Score Pad
1 Rulebook erprises, everything is for sale - even friendship (Rule of Acquisition #121).




  • Ages: 14+

  •  Players: 2-6

  • Playing Time: 20+ minutes