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Squid Game (EN)

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It’s your shot at more money than you can imagine. Survive six games and you win. The key word is survive. Because when you lose, you are eliminated.? Lead your team through six deadly games. Your team members who survive move on to the next game. Make it through all six games with at least one surviving team member to win. Be careful who you trust…?
A fun, light strategy, bluffing, and press your luck party game! Lead your team through six games. Be the last one surviving team member to win.

Immersion into Netflix's hit serie Squid Game.

Bring home the international sensation and play the 6 games: Red Light, Green Light, Dalgona, Tug of war, Marbles, Glass Bridge and Squid Game for yourself.


  • Language : English
  • Age : 16+
  • Time : 30-45 min
  • Number of players : 3-6