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Rest in Peace (Multilingual) (Clearance)

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For more than a century, two families of ghosts have been fighting to appropriate the most prestigious residences in the country. Send your scariest ghosts to haunt the mansions and castles to scare away the poor souls who dare to venture there!

​Rest In Peace is a game for 2 playful souls, in which you play as a family of ghosts, made up of 21 cards (from 1 to 6). Each round you will fight for a mansion, trying to outbid your opponent. Managing your hand will be key and knowing when to lose a game to win the final battle.

Components :

  • 42 Ghost Cards (44 x 68 mm)
  • 29 Psychic Cards (44 x 68 mm)
  • 1 End of Game Card (44 x 68 mm)
  • 10 Mansion Tokens
  • 2 rulebooks (French & English)
  • 2 player aids





  • Ages: 8+

  •  Players: 2

  • Playtime: 15 minutes