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Redcap Ruckus (Clearance)

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There's not Mush-room on this battlefield!

Command a horde of Redcaps, capture the Great Crystal, and control the Mushroom Top Battlefield!

Redcap Ruckus is a tense dexterity game where victors will rise and losers get pushed off the battlefield - literally. What is a Redcap? An English gnome who loves two things: Fightin' and Winnin'. 

- 3D Battlefield! - The three-dimensional Mushroom Top Battlefield and Great Crystal Standee. 
- Tense Gameplay! - Use your Redcaps to push opponents' gnomes off the edge. 
- Quality components! - Your Redcaps are represented by hefty poker chips, adding real weight to your conflicts! 
- Quick to learn and play! - Plays in about 20 minutes. 
- Solo play mode included! - Challenge yourself to beat your high score.



- Age : 10+
- Players: 2-4
- Playtime: 20 Mins