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Noble Collection - Minecraft Diamond Sword

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Introducing the Minecraft Diamond Sword!

Minecraft Diamond Sword Collector Replica

An essential tool for the accomplished adventurer, a diamond sword protects you from all kinds of hostile mobs. This replica recreates its durable blade, and when you’re not off adventuring, itll look great hanging from your wall or proudly displayed next to your gaming set up.

In Minecraft, the diamond sword is the mark of a keen adventurer. Made from ore mined deep underground, this weapon is one of the strongest and most durable around. Any player wants one, whether theyre exploring the Overworld or fighting the Ender Dragon. And now, you can display the coveted, iconic in-game item in real life. Just like in the game, this replica diamond blade looks great to hold – and even better to show off to friends. Its a critical hit!

-Choose your weapon. Add this coveted diamond sword replica to your inventory with zero crafting or mining required!
-The swords antique finish coupled with the cast-iron texture and the faux leather look makes this collector replica feel like it’s straight from the Overworld.
-Measuring 20 long by 10 wide at the hilt, this is a true statement piece to add to your collection.
-The sword comes with a stand embossed with the Minecraft logo that serves as both a wall mount and desk display, so you can show off your fandom however you desire (includes two screws and drywall anchors).
-For Minecraft fans ages 8+

Team Up
Pair this collector replica sword with the illuminating torch collector replica from The Noble Collection to prepare you for wherever your real-life Minecraft adventures take you.

Time To Hang Up Your Sword?
Never! Theres no crafting required, just use the included, custom stand to display your sword replica on your desk or hang your wall.