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Marvel United - X-Men Gold Team Expansion

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X-Men: Gold Team is an expansion for Marvel United that not only adds four new iconic Heroes, an influential Villain, and new Locations, but introduces the new Team vs Team Mode which completely changes the game! Divided into two teams, up to 6 players compete to see who can complete the Missions and deal the most damage to the Villain (who can even be controlled by a 7th player in Super Villain Mode). May the best team win!

Add new X-Men characters and locations to Marvel United, as well as the new Team vs Team Mode.

Easy rules and quick play time make the game very accessible.

Difficulty and complexity can be adjusted with rules and expansions.

Amazing miniatures that appeal to kids and hobby enthusiasts.

Strong thematic connection with the Marvel universe.



Age: 14+

Players: 1-4

Playtime 30-45 Minutes