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Marvel United - Tales of Asgard Expansion

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Tales of Asgard is an expansion for Marvel United that adds three new legendary Heroes, a mischievous Villain, new Locations, and a new Challenge mode. The champions of Asgard will need to use not only their might (which is considerable), but also their brains, if they hope to overcome Loki’s devious tactics. This sorcerer revels in illusion and misdirection, hitting the Heroes when they least expect it.

Add Asgardian locations and characters to Marvel United, as well as the new Traitor Challenge.

Easy rules and quick play time make the game very accessible.

Difficulty and complexity can be adjusted with rules and expansions.

Amazing miniatures that appeal to kids and hobby enthusiasts.

Strong thematic connection with the Marvel universe.



Age: 14+

Players: 1-4

Playtime 30-45 Minutes