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Marvel United - Rise of the Black Panther

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Rise of the Black Panther is an expansion for Marvel United that adds three new proud Heroes, a deadly Villain, new Locations, and a new Challenge mode. The defenders of Wakanda are very capable and resourceful Heroes, ready to put their lives on the line for the kingdom. Killmonger is a revolutionary out for blood and power. His strategy is to sow chaos throughout the kingdom, until he’s able to overthrow king T’Challa and take the throne himself.

Add Wakandan locations and characters to Marvel United, as well as the new Endangered Location Challenge.

Easy rules and quick play time make the game very accessible.

Difficulty and complexity can be adjusted with rules and expansions.

Amazing miniatures that appeal to kids and hobby enthusiasts.

Strong thematic connection with the Marvel universe.


  • Language :English
  • Hobby type :Beginner
  • Age :14+
  • Time :30-45 min
  • Number of players :<1-4