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Marvel Damage Control Deckbuilding Game

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Can YOU lead Marvel's top cleanup crew?

After the dust settles, someone needs to pick up the pieces. In Marvel: Damage Control, that’s where you come in! With exciting and intuitive gameplay from Omari Akil, you and your friends will compete to become the most successful of Damage Control’s cleanup crews. Marvel’s strongest heroes and most powerful items are in the mix, brought to life with all-new art from Darren Calvert!

In Damage Control, each player leads a rival cleanup crew tasked to finding and securing the dangerous artifacts and technologies buried in the rubble. Represented by a pile of scattered, mostly facedown cards, each rubble card represents a powerful item. Notable relics include Doc Ock’s severed tentacles, damaged Ultron Drones, Terrigen Crystals, and more!

You’ll use your deck of Damage Control employees to demolish, uncover, and collect the Rubble Cards in search of valuable items, which you will then add to your deck. You can use the items’ powerful abilities to make your deck stronger and more effective or send them to your vault to keep them safe and earn victory points. Be careful, though! Only the items stored in your vault will score points in the end, so don’t hold on to them for too long!

As members of the organization in charge of processing the zone of destruction, you’ll also have to deal with various claimants—people showing up after the battle to complain about traffic or do their own scavenging. Some rubber-necking citizens are just hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the heroes or villains involved!

Heroes such as Captain America, Shang-Chi, Black Widow and more will appear in the form of the Character Deck. These heroes provide effects and victory points to the Damage Control teams that manage to enlist their help. The game also features four modules: Mighty Asgard, Mystical Manipulation, Pym Tech, and Vibranium Synthesis. For each game, you’ll pick two modules to mix into the standard Rubble and Character decks, creating a variety of stories, strategies, and gameplay options!

As the Marvel Universe’s leaders in cleanup and reconstruction, your team is sure to wreck the competition!


  • Rulebook
  • 136 cards
  • 4 Damage Control Manger cards
  • 20 Starting Crew cards
  • 30 Standard Artifact cards
  • 10 Claim cards
  • 40 (4x10) Module cards
  • 28 Character cards
  • 4 Reference cards
  • 12 Board Boundry tiles
  • 4 Vault tiles
  • 4 Player boards
  • 50+ Influence tokens



  • Ages: 12+

  • Players: 2-4

  • Playing Time: 20 minutes