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Magical Kitties Save the Day! Kitty Noir Hometown (EN)

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Welcome to Sunset City, where there's always something fishy going on … and we're not talking tuna here. Whether it’s the robbery of a priceless work of art, or an unexplained case of amnesia, the kitties of Sunset City have their paws full. That's why they've formed the Cat Eyes Detective Agency. Because even though human detectives are pretty good at their jobs, sometimes it takes magic to uncover what’s REALLY going on in this town.

And what IS really going on? Why are there no smart phones or computers, but only old-fashioned telephones and radio? Why do the people not remember their lives outside this city? Why are normally good neighbors stealing jewels, kidnapping kitties, and blackmailing the mayor? With a little digging, kitty detectives will find there's much more to Sunset City than meets the eye. Someone has frozen the city in time, inside a magical bubble, and they don’t want anyone to know about it!



  • Ages: 6+

  • Players: 2-6 

  • Playing Time: 1-2 Hours