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Karvi (EN)

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Embark on an epic journey as a fearless Viking in Karvi: a game full of raiding, trading, and expansion, set in the legendary viking era. With countless strategies to explore, Karvi is a complex game that will test your skills and foresight at every turn.

  • EPIC VIKING ADVENTURE: Become a fearless Viking and embark on an epic journey filled with raiding, trading, and expansion in the legendary Viking era.
  • COMPLEX STRATEGY: Karvi offers countless strategies to explore, making it a challenging and engaging game that will test your skills and foresight at every turn.
  • INNOVATIVE GAMEPLAY: Experience an innovative core mechanism that encourages interaction, depth, and strategic decision-making throughout the game.
  • UNIQUE VISUALS: Enjoy visually stunning graphics that seamlessly blend modern design with a rich historical Viking theme, creating a captivating gaming experience.
  • LIMITLESS COMBINATIONS: Dive into a world of limitless possibilities with changeable action mechanisms, unique player boards, special upgrades, and cards that keep every game fresh and exciting.


  • 1 game board - A map of northern Europe
  • 5 tableaus - 4 unique player tableaus and 1 changeable action tableau
  • 4 unique ships - Special ship (a karvi) out of cardboard for your travels at sea
  • 90 cards - Different types of beer, equipment and trading cards
  • 150 tiles - Soldiers, bread, and dozens of special upgrading tiles
  • 8 custom dice - Your workers with their beer storage
  • 83 wooden pieces - Resources, new trading posts and watchtowers
  • 7 folding boxes - Individual folding boxes for perfect and plastic-free storage



Ages: 12+
- Players: 2-4
- Playing Time: 60-120 Minutes