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Hungry Monkey Card Game (EN)

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The lost bean!

Once upon a time, Hungry Monkey searched for his lost breakfast bean in the jungle. He asked the other animals for help, from Swift Sparrow to King Tiger, but they all ignored his pleas. Until Tiny Ant climbed into Tiger's ear and ordered him to help. King Tiger was scared by the voice in his ear. He commanded all animals to look for the bean, and no one dared to refuse. Eventually, Swift Sparrow found the bean, and Hungry Monkey was finally happy.


Hungry Monkey is a card game where the goal is to get rid of your hand cards and collect beans.

Hungry Monkey is Ecofriendly. This means that it was made in a factory that uses only renewable energy and made from biodegradable or recyclable elements.



- Age : 8+
- Players: 2-6
- Playtime: 15 minutes