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Heiki Strike Alternative (EN)

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Head to the old battlegrounds, once again and take the fight to your foes in Heiki Strike Alternative, a tactical two-player card game with deep strategy, intense action, and competitive gameplay themed around mysterious Heiki spirits!

Heiki are the mysterious spirits of weapons and vehicles come to life - in the form of cute anime girls! Players build an army of Heiki spirits, joining either the Axis or Allies forces and battling their opponents to ensure victory! Gain Land, Sea, and Air Superiority by deploying corresponding tanks, aircraft, warships and more. Defeat enemy units to claim battlegrounds - the first player to capture 3 battlegrounds wins the game!


  •  Heiki Cards (80 Axis, 80 Allies)
  • 6 Battleground Cards
  • Air/Sea Superiority (1 each)
  • 8 Action Point (AP) Cards
  • 2 Tech Point (TP) Cards


- Players: 2
- Ages: 15+
- Playtime: 30 min