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Grand Austria Hotel - High Season (EN)

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A quick and challenging roll & write, based on the principle of the well knwon Grand Austria Hotel board game. Up to 8 different erasable player boards and variable staff card bars for a maximum of fun and challenge.


 You run a renowned hotel in Vienna at the beginning of the 20th century, and it's particularly busy right now: it's high season! Guests from all over the world want to check into their rooms, ma presto! and they expect non the less than exquisite service. New staff has to be hired to to support you. Even the emperor has noticed your posh hotel - will you be able to meet his demands? Now it's up to you to outdo the competition and shine as Vienna's top address!

* fast setup, quick play
* high replay value thanks to
* different hotel plans (printed on both sides)
* variable staff strips (printed on both sides)
* and wipeable player tableaus!

A game runs over seven rounds, during which you'll have to face the demands of everyday hotel life: Prepare rooms, accommodate guests, hire staff, manage finances and secure the Emperor's favor. You'll succeed by choosing the right dice for your actions and earning valuable bonuses on your hotel plans. The player who scores the most points at the end wins.


  • Number of players : 2-4
  • Playing time : 30-45 Min
  • Recommended ages : 10+