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Dungeons & Lasers - Tudor Mansion

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Let yourself be swept away by the extravagance and taste the luxury of the Tudor mansion. You needn't lift a finger, as loyal servants will attend to your every need. Here, you can leave behind the petty intrigues of town life and immerse yourself in the tranquil seclusion of your home.


- Modular - Build your terrain in a flash
- Built-in grid - Compatible with every RPG
- High-quality sculpts - Exquisite details worthy of admiration.
- Double-sided walls - Beautiful finishes on the walls from both sides catch the eye


Box contains:

- 3x long floor tiles
- 3x regular floor tiles
- 3x doorways
- 3x long double-sided walls
- 6x regular double-sided walls
- 3x trims
- various clips and pins



Requires manual assembly and painting.