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Dungeons & Lasers - Swamps of Doom

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As you venture into these uncharted lands, make sure that your boat is well-protected. The creatures inhabiting this place will gladly ensure that you won't be able to escape their clutches. Moreover, do not trust every sound that reaches your ears, for these trees revel in playing tricks on wanderers, luring them into their haunting embrace. Once you set foot onto the platform, you may find temporary respite, but beware... the true journey has only just begun.


- Rich in details - Every inch of this place gives goosebumps.
- Easy assembly - Cut and glue the parts with ease!
- Durable plastic - You can ensure the platform won't break during the fight.
- Gaming map - Double-sided paper mat with and without grid included


Box contains:

  • 1x sailboat
  • 6x swamp tree
  • 3x large dry-land patch
  • 3x medium dry-land patch
  • 3x small dry-land patch
  • 1x pier module (1x3)
  • 4x pier module (1x4)
  • 1x pier module (2x2)
  • 1x downed tree
  • 2x fish baskets
  • 1x dried fish rack
  • 1x cow carrion
  • 1x sunken boat
  • 1x drying fishing net
  • 1x garbage patch
  • 1x huge catch


Requires manual assembly and painting.