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Dungeons & Lasers - Stone Tower

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You stand before an exceptional, century-old tower, knowing you will be the first to enter. Nobody has ever succeeded yet. As you examine your surroundings, you see the walls that withstood the struggles of previous warriors who attempted to break through. And now, you will be the one to reach the reward.

 - Modular -Build your terrain in a flash
- Built-in grid - Compatible with every RPG game
- High-quality sculpts - Every single brick matters
- Double-sided walls - Solid, unbreakable walls from both sides


Box contains:

- 3x long floor tiles
- 3x regular floor tiles
- 3x doorways
- 3x long double-sided walls
- 6x regular double-sided walls
- 3x trims
- various clips and pins


Requires manual assembly and painting.