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Dungeons & Lasers - Royal Castle

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While walking through the castle's corridors, you admire the magnificent embellishments, beautiful designs, and sheer luxury of the place. It reminds you of the responsibility that comes with the position of being a Royal. A sense of gratitude fills your heart for the rare chance given to you to serve and lead your people.

- Modular - Build your terrain in a flash

- Built-in grid - Compatibile with every RPG game

- High-quality sculpts - A design worthy of a royal family

- Double-sided walls - Solid finishes on both sides


Box contains:

- 3x long floor tiles
- 3x regular floor tiles
- 3x doorways
- 3x long double-sided walls
- 6x regular double-sided walls
- 3x trims
- various clips and pins


Requires manual assembly and painting