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Dungeons & Lasers - Grand Stronghold

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Introducing the safest place in the whole kingdom, a mighty stronghold! Its magnificence never fails to leave anyone spellbound. In times of crisis, its labyrinthine corridors can house all of the residents, and the bountiful supplies hoarded in the towers could feed and ensure the prosperity of the populace. If the rumors are to be believed, an enchanting aura pervades its very structure, rendering it a sight that leaves all in wonder.

 - HIGH-QUALITY SCULPTS - Finishes worthy of a true king
- BUILT-IN GRID - Compatible with every RPG system
- DOUBLE-SIDED WALLS - Formidable walls on both sides, designed to withstand any assault
- ENORMOUS SIZE: A great castle at a great price

  Box contains:

- 50x regular walls
- 25x long walls
- 25x doorways
- 25x regular floor tiles
- 25x long floor tiles
- 125x trims
- 2x regular balustrades
- 1x long balustrades
- 18x regular battlements
- 9x long battlements
- 4x regular roof pieces
- 4x convex roof pieces
- 2x stone stairs
- 2x fantasy stairs
- 139x various clips


Requires manual assembly and painting.