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Dungeons & Dragons - Waterdeep Coins

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Waterdeep, the Sword Coast port where you are just as likely to get a big payout as to BE the big payout. Guard your purse or flaunt your wealth with these 15 Cast Metal Coins from the famed city. Perfect for use in any of your waterdeep campaigns! Toal and Moon coins are big and weighty, matching the sizing noted in Dungeons and Dragons books, while the old Dragon coins offer a great hand feel.

Each Set Contains:
- 5 Copper Nibs
- 5 Silver Shards
- 2 Gold Dragons
- 1 Brass Toal
- 1 Platinum Sun
- 1 Platinum Harbor Moon

- Officially licensed Waterdeep Coins for Dungeons & Dragons
- Perfect for use in any of your Waterdeep campaigns
- Includes 5 Copper Nibs, 5 Silver Shards, 2 Gold Dragons, 1 Brass Toal, 1 Platinum Sun, and 1 Platinum Harbor Moon
- All coins are cast in zinc and are faux coins, no actual precious metals are used in this product