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D&D Idols of the Realms Snake Den 2D Acrylic Miniatures

$19.47 $19.97
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Introducing an all new set of 2D miniatures by WizKids! These 2D minis are an inexpensive way to gain a huge assortment of miniatures and are designed to support a variety of adventures!

This set contains:

  • Flying Snake x3
  • Yuan-ti Nightmare Speaker x1
  • Yuan-ti Broodguard x4
  • Yuan-ti Malison x4
  • Yuan-ti Mind Whisperer x1
  • Yuan-ti Pit Master x1
  • Giant Constrictor Snake x1
  • Yuan-ti Abomination x1
  • Yuan-ti Anathema x1




  • Ages: 14+