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D&D Icons of the Realms - Adventure in a Box - Wererat Den

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Upgrade your Dungeons & Dragons gameplay with the Adventure in a Box- Wererat Den! Inside you will find 6 pre-painted miniatures, 9 different den dressings, and a two-sided, slide together, tiled battle map to build out your very own wererat themed adventure. Whether your next clash with wererats it is a brief encounter or a drawn out scenario, the Adventure in a Box - wererat Den is your place to start


  • x1 Wererat 1

  • x1 Wererat 2

  • x1 Wererat 3

  • x1 Wererat 4

  • x1 Trash Pile Small

  • x1 Trash Pile Large

  • x1 Rat's Nest

  • x1 Giant Rat

  • x1 Swarm of Rats

  • x1 Moldy Cheese Hoard

  • x1 Rotten Table

  • x1 Prisoner

  • x1 Cage

  • x1 Rotten Crate Stack

  • x1 Sludge Puddle

  • x1 Rat Covered Bone Pile

  • x1 6"x6" Double Sided Map



  • Ages: 14+