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Catan Starfarers - New Encounters Expansion

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After befriending the many alien civilizations across the galaxy, you must prove you are worthy enough to be a member of the Galactic Council. The council gives you three missions: Stop the notorious pirate leader Hog-Kahm from raiding planets in the sector; Save your sector from huge ship-eating space amoebas; Find a lost group of ancient peoples and study their technology. Are you ready for your missions? Prove you have what it takes!

A brand-new addition to the Starfarers line—never-before-published content!

Three separate scenarios offer great variety and new aliens. Play in any order. 

Tons of new material! 31 plastic pieces including two amoeba figures!



- Age : 14+

- Playtime: 60 - 120 Minutes

- Players: 3-4