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Bex: Spin Ladder Original

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Spin Ladder is a garden game requiring some skill in where you throw. Take turns throwing the balls at the rungs of the ladder. Points are then scored for every ball that stayed until the end of the round, with some extra points for a ball on each rung or all balls on the same rung.

The ladder can be folded at the base for easier carrying and storage.

Ladder: 88,5x60x57cm
Bars: 57×2,2cm
Balls: 4,6cm
Rope: 30cm
Material: Rubber Wood


– 1 ladder
– 2 sets of balls (3 blue and 3 red)
– Non-woven bag for balls
– Multi-lingual rulebook

This game is made of rubber wood with a lacquer finish. The ladder is constructed for easy storage.