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Age of Towers

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The game is played over a series of rounds. A round consists of 4 phases :

Dusk : Resolve the event card that was revealed during the previous round. Then, reveal the next event card that will be resolved next round. Prepare yourself accordingly !

Night : The creatures on your road move toward your city, and invade it if able! But that’s not all: two new monsters or maybe the boss himself come out of the mine !

Dawn : Open fire with your towers to repel the approaching menace.

Day : You must take two actions among the following:

  • Build a tower and play a quest card.
  • Extend your road and play a quest card.
  • Go to the market (play an available card) and play a quest card.
  • Quest (draw 2 quest cards).

The game ends when a player loses their last guard or captures their boss.

The player with the most points wins the game.


- Age : 14+
- Players : 1-4
- Playtime: 60 min