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Zombicide Chronicles - Road to Haven Campaign Book (EN)

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Welcome back to the world of Zombicide: Chronicles! In Road to Haven, old and new Survivors find a new way to fight for their lives against the Zombie outbreak. Introducing the Campaign game mode, players will walk through the well-known City, finding new challenges, allies, and many, many new enemies, both alive and dead. The story develops throughout 10 different missions, all connected to each other, where Survivors search for a secret hideout that might still be safe, a place called Haven 3.

New Survivor Archetypes: Road to Haven introduces 4 brand new Survivors, to be used as presented, or as the start for a custom version of another Zombie-killing machine.

A 10-Mission Campaign: Missions are all connected to each other and, as chapters of a story, give Survivors new challenges to overcome and clues to follow as they get closer to their ultimate goal: finding Haven.

New enemies and Zombie types: There are many dangers on the way to Haven, from well-trained humans to scientifically mutated Zombies with special abilities and fearful new Abominations. Surviving is no easy task.

The Anatomical Guide to Zombies: Featured as an Appendix, the Anatomical Guide to Zombies can be unlocked and developed during in-game Missions, offering deeper knowledge on each kind of Zombie (and how to kill it!).



  • Language :English
  • Age :14+
  • Time : 60-120 min
  • Number of players :2+