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Pandemic Expansion: In the Lab

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Race against time to sequence diseases and test cures in this Pandemic expansion.

The Pandemic base game and On the Brink expansion are required to play.

New medical technology has been developed that will help treat the infectious diseases spreading across the globe. The In the Lab expansion for Pandemic adds more variety and challenge to your mission of containing deadly disease outbreaks. This time, there’s a whole new way to discover cures and get closer to winning the game. Travel around the board collecting samples of each disease in the field, then use the Lab board to sequence, characterize, and test your cures. Add sample cubes to one of the two lab dishes by taking the Treat Disease action. Once enough samples are collected, seal yourself behind bio-hazard doors and send the samples through the centrifuge and separator to place them on sequence cards in the correct order. If you can get a disease characterized and sequenced, you’re ready to find a cure!



Ages: 8 +
- Players: 1 - 5
- Playing Time: 45-60 Minutes