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Citadels - 2021 Revised Edition

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The kingdom is in need of a new Master Builder, and you want the job. Recruit local citizens and use their expertise to outwit your rivals. Only the most majestic metropolis will earn its creator the coveted title. This revised edition of Citadels retains the signature bluffing and intrigue of this celebrated classic, condensing all into a travel-friendly box. A game of intrigue awaits! 

- The definitive Citadels experience at a travel and shelf-friendly footprint

- Approachable rules, wide player count, and bluffing/backstabbing gameplay makes it an ideal game for casual players

- Contains all published Citadels content, allowing for deep replayability

- Includes popular preset scenarios and countless homebrew combinations

- Includes 27 diverse characters



Ages: 10 +
- Players: 2 - 8
- Playing Time: 30-60 Minutes