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Killer Bunnies: Chocolate Booster Deck

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It's incredible (but it's not edible), the Chocolate Booster Deck adds 55 new cards to your existing set, including the bizarre antics of the Omega Series cards, the Arrow Kite mechanic of the Psi Series cards, and the literary parodies of the Nu Series cards. Finally, all KB fans can enjoy these great cards!

Take a glance through the Looking Glass to increase your Cabbage and Water supply or use a shameful Scarlet Letter to force an opponent to lose cards. Indiana Clones will help you to increase your weapons supply while Bunny Eye for the Carrot Guy will reward you for wearing the right color clothes during play. If a pesky opponent's annoyance won't cease, then give him The Djarnak and force him to declare peace.

This delicious Booster Deck is sure to delight fans!

Unlike the other KB Quest Boosters, which must be integrated to the game in a specific order, the cards in this Booster can be added to your KB Quest game at any time after the Blue Starter!



  • For 2 to 8 Players
  • Ages 12 to Adult
  • 60 Minute Playing Time