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Sakura Arms - Saine Box (EN)

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Choose two goddesses and combine their powers to form your own unique deck. Challenge your opponent to a fast, tactical, elegant duel beneath the sakura. Sakura Arms is a stylish dueling card game from Japan that combines gorgeous art, deep tactics, and huge variety to minimalist duels. Setup is quick, play is simple, and the system of combining patron goddesses to build your deck provides unlimited variety.

Includes 6 goddesses and everything you need to play: Saine, Hagane, Chikage, Kururu, Thallya, Raira

You can combine additional Sakura Arms game boxes to mix-and-match goddesses to discover even more strategies and tactics!

  •  Features:

    • Language : English
    • Age : 10+
    • Time : 20 min
    • Number of players : 2