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Naruto Ninja Arena

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NEW EDITION - Same game with only 4 different characters from the Anime (vs 10 characters in
the Deluxe Version) in a smaller box and cheaper.

Unveil the right chakras to unleash the right techniques in this roll and clash game! and become the best Ninja in Konoha Village.

The hidden village of Konoha, home of the Leaf ninjas, is preparing to send its best students to take the Chunin exams, a grueling series of fights and tests that will determine the future of shinobi influence on the rest of the world. And of course, the best way for ninjas to practice their skills… is with a ninja brawl!

Join Naruto and his friends as they compete to determine who will be the best fighter in Konoha village. Throw the dice and be attentive, fast, and smart to unleash your hero’s most powerful combos. Each character plays differently, but only one will be the best Ninja...



- Players: 1-4
- Ages: 10+
- Playtime: 15 min