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Overboss Duel - Expandalone Game

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Overboss Duel is the new two-player version of the hit tile-laying game, Overboss*!

In Duel, Players go head-to-head to conquer the Overworld on a shared board. In a new twist on Overboss gameplay, players can draft and place terrain tiles and monster tokens anywhere, even on their opponent’s side of the board! Like the original game, each terrain type has a different point value and unique ability. But watch out! Now some abilities allow players to move tiles and tokens across the Overworld, stealing valuable points from opponents and setting up clever strategies for victory.

And don’t get too comfortable once you’ve mastered the board; players also have to contend with a new threat: heroes. Pesky adventurers spawn in towns and reduce your score. But if you squash them, you’ll gain bonus points!

*Overboss Duel is a standalone game but can also be played as an expansion to the original Overboss.


  • 60 Terrain Tiles
  • 50 Monster Tokens
  • 5 Crystal Tokens
  • 7 Spire Tokens
  • 15 Hero Tokens
  • 6 Miniboss Tokens
  • 6 Boss Cards
  • 5 Terrain Selection Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • Scorepad
  • 1 Token Bag
  • 1 Double-Sided Duel Board



  • Ages: 8+

  • Players: 2

  • Playtime: 20-30 minutes