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Dune Betrayal Card Game (Film Version)

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Are you loyal to the noble House Atreides or a secret agent for the treacherous House Harkonnen?

Take on the identity of the Iconic Characters from Dune......use your actions, tactics, and cunning to discover who your enemies are......then defend your allies and attack your foes to secure your victory!

In this game of tactics and deception you are secret agents amid the sands of Dune.Your goal is to learn the identities of your foes while protecting your nobles. Enact the aid of strange new tools and allies to gain power and knowledge.Be clever, practical, and convincing! Hide your true nature while learning theirs.In the final rounds of battle, you must trust your gut. Whose back will you choose to defend and whose will you stab? The fate of Dune will come down to you. Let the adventure unfold in the new classic social deduction game Dune: Betrayal




  •  Ages: 14+
  • Players: 4-8

  • Playing Time: 20-40 minutes