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Astro Drive

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Are you the fastest pilot in the galaxy? You can prove it in Astro Drive! Blast through space using tractor beams and wormhole generators. Avoid the black holes and reach the finish line first. Easy.

In Astro Drive you pilot your spaceship through maps that are randomly revealed. Use energy cubes to move your ship or put up a force field. Be careful of Space Fog, Asteroids, and Black Holes!Wormholes can teleport you forward, but crashing into a Planet can end your game!Be the first to cross the Finish line without crashing, become the fastest pilot in the galaxy, and the winner of Astro Drive!


  • 19 Maps
  • 1 Finish Line map
  • 4 Pilot boards
  • 55 Movement cards
  • 15 Wooden Energy cubes
  • 4 Wooden Spaceship cube



Ages: 8 +
- Players: 2 - 4 
- Playing Time: 20 Minutes