Zombicide, Box of Zombies #7 : Lost Zombivors Expansion

Cool Mini or Not

SKU: 0817009018321

These various items contain multiple Survivors and Zombivors to round out any player's collection.

When a true zombie hunter dies, he comes back as a Zombivor, a zombie hero, and keeps on fighting! Even death and infection can't turn a hero into a monster. Madness, however, can. Cut off from human feelings for too long, a Zombivor becomes a Lost. He turns against his former comrades and becomes the toughest opponent in the Zombicide world.

This box contains twelve Zombivor miniatures from Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue to play as heroes or adversaries in any Zombicide game. Resurrection mode and Losts rules are here as well, along with six Losts cards to introduce new terrors on your board!

A zombicide Core Game Box is Needed to enjoy this expansion.

Contents :

  • 12 Zombivor Miniatures
  • 6 Losts Cards
  • 1 Resurrection Mode and Lost Zombivors Rules Flyer