Yu-Gi-Oh!, Wing Raiders Booster Pack


SKU: 083717826484


The Wing Raiders special booster set contains brand-new XYZ cards and cards from the new Yugioh ARC-V series, including several cards to help players power up their current Deck, or build a whole new deck!

With the Wing Raiders booster set, Duelist can power up their XYZ strategies, like Raidraptors, with new powerful cards like Raidraptor - Satellite Cannon Falcon, an XYZ Monster that devastates your opponent's Spell & Trap cards and uses the power of fallen Raidraptors to sap the power of your opponent's monsters! Duelists can also their hand at commanding 2 new monster themes that'll take their XYZ strategies to the next level - the spectral Phantom Knights and the Super Quantum mecha pilots!


- 9 cards per pack
- 1 booster pack