Yokai No mori (Multilingual)


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In the land of the rising sun, in the depths of a forest, spirits - the yokai - challenge each other friendly on their favorite playground: their goal is to capture the opponent's koropokkuru (an old elf full of wisdom).

Yokaï no mori is a game accessible to young and old alike!

Inspired by Shogi - traditional Japanese game - Yokaï no mori is a game with simple rules, but a great tactical and strategic wealth. One of its peculiarities is that the pieces are never permanently eliminated: any captured piece can indeed be put into play at any time by its new owner.
In Yokaï no mori, using your kodama, kitsune, tanuki, oni and other kirin, you will discover two games on two different platters; one is a minimalist version with 8 pieces of wood but "devilishly engrossing", the other has 16 wooden pieces for more strategic parts.




  • Ages: 7+

  • Players: 2