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Warlock Tiles - Encounter in a Box - Wagon Ambush (English)

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Make your game night an encounter to remember with Encounter in a Box: Wagon Ambush! Inside, you will find a scenario booklet and everything you need to run it, including miniatures, map dressings, and map tiles. The scenario is compatible with most RPG systems and provides optional hooks to diversify the gameplay.


  • Everything needed to run the encounter is included!
  • Map dressings are compatible with the WarLock Tile system!
  • Scenario is compatible with most RPG systems!
  • Includes both pre-painted and 2D acrylic miniatures!


  • Scenario Booklet2x Double-Sided Map Tiles
  • Merchant (2D miniature)
  • Horse (Pre-painted miniature)
  • 2x Pack Mules (Pre-painted miniatures)
  • 4x Bandits (2D miniatures)
  • Two-Wheel Cart
  • 2x Logs