Warlock Tiles Dungeon Tiles III Curves Expansion


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Your players will wonder what’s around the corner with the WarLock™ Tiles Dungeon Tiles III - Angles Expansion! Now you can create even more complex configurations when you add these to your WarLock Tiles collection. Explore the minotaur’s maze or wind your way through the deepest dungeons. Diagonals, corners, and sharp turns are easy and you’re sure to set a memorable scene for your game play!

- Curved stone half walls are perfect for tower scenes.
- Curved tiles specially designed to work with other Tiles!
- Perfect for customizing your dungeon.
- Use the edge caps for a finished edge on your tiles!
- Combine with Dungeon Tiles III - Angles Expansion for even more twists and turns.
- Fully compatible with WarLock Tiles: Dungeons Tiles I and II.*

*Additional sets sold separately.

- 2”x 2” Stone/Wood Outside Curved Tiles, (20)
- 2”x 2” Stone/Wood Inside Curved Tiles, (8)
- 2” Stone Exterior Outside Curved Half Walls, (10)
- 2” Stone Exterior Inside Curved Half Walls, (6)
- 2” Stone Interior Curved Half Walls, (6)
- 2” Stone Outside Curved Edge Caps, (12)
- 2” Stone Inside Curved Edge Caps, (6)
- EZ WarLock™ Clips, (50)