Warhammer Age of Sigmar TCG, Savagery Single Booster Pack

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Now darkness blankets the Realm as the calamitous Bad Moon passes overhead, sowing the seeds of madness wherever it is seen. Even the bravest of Champions will find their sanity waning in its ominous presence.

Without warning Skragrott the Loonking and his murderous Gloomspite Gitz erupt from the labyrinth-like tunnels that lurk just below the earth, determined to cast this Realm into eternal darkness. Meanwhile Alarielle the Everqueen and her loyal Sylvaneth refuse to stand by as another of the Mortal Realm's great forests fall to the tainted touch of Grandfather Nurgle's Maggotkin, reigniting a bitter hatred that has spanned the ages.


-1 Booster Pack